Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blog? What blog?

A big "Thank You" to Sarah Stacey for the lovely post that has been greeting my readers for the past 6 months!!!

Long story short- I have been super busy, and loving every minute of it!!

I have so much to report on... and will do so, slowly but surely. But, right now I 'll get you started with one of my summer projects that wrapped up in September.

My clients came to me feeling super UN-inspired by the kitchen they were living in. The kitchen is where we should want to spend a lot of time, the heart of the home--where everyone gathers during a casual dinner or even a formal event at times, right?

Well, here's our kitchen. What do think? Feel inspired to cook, entertain, or just simply hang out in this space? The budget wasn't huge, so our design and selections needed to make an impact. Everything needed to be well thought out to make sure the end result was exactly what the client was yearning for.

I wish I could share some more of the before pics, but my client is in them. I think she would shoot me! Everyone runs when I pull out the camera!!

Our problems,
 *small, closed-in feeling
 *vinyl flooring
 *small window
 *too dark
 *not-so-attractive finishes (can you tell I'm trying not to be too harsh about the finish selections in here?)
 *no wow factor

Basically, the client didn't like anything about it and she couldn't fathom the thought of living in this space.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do to this space and enlisted Debbie Burke of B&B Design/Build to help tackle this project.

The goal--
Design a functional, open space combining the more modern likes of the "Mrs." with the more rustic likes of the "Mr". Let's face many husbands and wives have the exact same style and taste?? When you have two people living in a space, both parties need to be considered. The mission is to design a space that everyone loves, both functionally and aesthetically!!

Our finished product-

Not overly feminine or masculine, right? We dealt with all of the pain points and added a few unexpected surprises. The island was designed to double as a kitchen table. You don't have everyone sitting in a row next to each other. This design allows for casual entertaining and dining as you can actually look at people and converse without having to turn your head so sharply. Not only does it function well, but no unexpected masseuse expenses to work out the painful crick in your neck!!!!

And hello incredible chandelier!! This took a little gentle nudging on my part, but finally, the client agreed to give it a shot and now I think it's one of their favorite aspects of the space.

 Notice the great counter and cabinet bump out to mimic the shape of the island.

Yes, I certainly enjoyed this project! I'm so passionate about finding out how someone imagines themselves living, and then turning that vision in their head into reality. I love my job!!!

Until the next post... (fingers-crossed that it won't be 6 months from now!)

A big thank you to Jen Dowell for her fabulous photography skills!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Guest Post: Oncoming Punk Trend in Fashion and Interiors

Happy Monday all! I am so excited to share my first ever guest post from my friend, Sarah Stacey, an Austin,Texas based interior designer. She is here today to share her insight on some up and coming trends in fashion and interiors. Enjoy!!

It is true that trends in interior design often come from trends in fashion. A trend I am seeing more and more on the runways is punk, and I am seeing it peek it's way through in interiors as well. This could be especially fun in rooms for teens and tweens.

Versace's Fall 2013 collection is very punk- with all of the plaid, shiny spiked metal studs and patent leather. Also, the spring 2013 exhibition organized by The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art PUNK: Chaos to Couture. This will be on view from May 9 through August 14, 2013, so if you happen to be in New York during this time, check it out- it should be a pretty fun exhibition. Even Harpers Bazaar lists punk style as one of the 13 Fashion and Style Trends of 2013.

In interiors, I'm seeing it come through in small ways, like in the photo below. See the plaid ottoman, the black horn magnifying glass and the silver tray? That is punk.


The style of this fabric by Richard Saja of Historically Inaccurate is obviously punk...the pastel mohawk actually glows in the dark! This fabric isn't new, but it is pretty amazing, so I had to share it with you.


Here is a fabric combination I've put together that is very punk as well. It reminds me of a Betsey Johnson skirt I owned in college. I'm seeing this in an edgy teenager's room. The floral and houndstooth are both Designers Guild, the plaid wool is Ralph Lauren.

What do you think of the possible oncoming punk trend, both in fashion and in interior design??

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My High Point Market Experience

I have finally settled back into my groove since returning from High Point! It's amazing how a few days out of the normal routine can wreak havoc on one's schedule.

My original intent with this post was to discuss up and coming industry trends and share pics of awesome new product. I just can't do it. The product, although great, seemed secondary this year. Honestly, the product is always there....great new designs and beautiful items to use in my projects when I return home. I have been attending market for just under twenty years!, that's shocking to say out loud, or even think to myself. At this stage in the game I have my go-to's for cool stuff- I am now looking for more....and I got it!

So, I think you get the idea that furniture market is literally building after building of home design, mirrors, rugs, lighting, accessories, and on and on. But, there are also incredible lectures and seminars offered as well. I never take advantage of these, but this year I did. I'm so grateful I did, because I got so much more than usual out of this market.

My inspiration came from a handful of fabulous ladies. A huge "Thank You" goes out to Lisa FergusonElaine WilliamsonKati CurtisLisa Kahn, and Jennifer Brouwer for their honesty and candor that helped inspire me and many others in the industry. You should check all of them out...they're pretty impressive!!

This year has been and will continue to be a year of incredible growth for me and my business. You will see many exciting things coming from me this year...can't wait to share them with you as they happen!!

Rather than focusing on individual products or companies I am just going to share a handful of the hundreds of photos I took at market. I want to impose more of the feeling of what it's like to be there. It's pretty great!

Be on the look out...I have a great guest post coming up this week on up and coming punk trends in fashion and interiors by my friend, Austin, Texas based interior designer Sarah Stacey.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kitchen Before and After

It's time for some before and after pics!! I know you guys love those (so you tell me).

I originally talked about this project back in the holiday season when I posted before and afters of a lovely Warrenton family room. You can revisit it here. We have moved through the kitchen since then and can I tell you- the before and afters are such a difference!!

Here is where we started.

Yes, you have all pretty much seen this same kitchen in many, many houses...right??

We didn't have the money in the budget for a complete kitchen re-do, so we did the next best thing...painted those ugly, orange cabinets!! I have people ask me all the time if their kitchen cabinets can be painted...of course they can! And don't be shy- our look called for a light color, but you could really go crazy here and give your kitchen some major personality. Whatever fits your style.

Here's our kitchen now-

Doesn't' even look like the same house, right??

We changed the countertops to Carerra Marble, painted the cabinets a slight shade warmer than white and added pulls, replaced the backsplash with this awesome recycled blue glass tile, changed the lighting, and added window treatments.

Note the ceiling- we chose to be a little non-traditional and decided to use color on the ceiling rather than the walls.

My client LOVES coastal interiors...I think we nailed it!

This is the adjoining family room-

I'm loving the pops of orange and blue!!

This couple has the cutest 1 yr old little boy...we put a little nook behind the sectional just for him.

Here a few more accents in the space-

Feel free to drop us a note to see how we can help you transform your house!!

Photography by Jen Dowell.

Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 DC Design House

Last week I had the pleasure of walking through the newly-built 2013 DC Design House, located in the Wesley Heights area of DC.The 14,000 square ft home designed by GTM Architects is full of architectural detail and stunning design. If you're looking for something fun to do on a lovely spring day you should spend some time touring this fabulous home. And bonus.... this is the leading fundraising event for Children's National Medical Center- a beautiful excursion benefiting an extremely worthy cause!! The house opened to the public yesterday and will continue through May 12th. Go, go, go!!!!

Here's just a handful of the spaces you'll see- so much more to view in person.

Entry Garden by Amy Mills

Living Room design by Camille Saum

Library design by David Mitchell

Family Room design by Victoria Neale

Kitchen design by Jessica Parker of GTM Architects

Sitting Room design by Michael Hampton

Master Bedroom design by Susan M. Jamieson

Boy's Bedroom design by Regan Billingsley

Loft/Media Room design by Akseizer Design Group

Covered Terrace by Jen Chappell & Ken Berry of American Eye

**exterior photography by Ken Wyner
**interior photography by Angie Seckinger